The following automotive cinemagraph is part of a larger series I produced for Peugeot UK and the release of the new Peugeot 208 featured on all of Peugeot's social media channels:

Peugeot UK - Timelapse Cinemagraph

Here's a cinemagraph I produced for Little Mix (SYCO - Sony Entertainment) and their single "Black Magic":

Little Mix "Black Magic" (Number One in UK Charts) - Cinemagraph

Not to be confused with lower quality GIFs, my Cinemagraphs are HD video loops hosted on a separate video hosting site, then embedded to avoid slow page load times.

Already used by innovative creative agencies, Cinemagraphs cover the whole spectrum of photographic genres including food, music, sports, automotive, lifestyle, fashion, urban/street, etc... 

Campo Viejo Rioja Wines - Cinemagraph

They are great for story telling, they are fresh, attention grabbing, proven to increase CTR whilst remaining easy to incorporate / embed on all social media channels, marketing emails and websites.

When featured in your digital marketing campaign they'll have an almost hypnotic effect on anyone viewing them. 

Piccadilly Circus London - Timelapse Cinemagraph

My interest in making Cinemagraphs came naturally from my successful background in still photography and my constant search for innovative techniques.

The basic composition of cinemagraphs is the same as traditional photos but a subtle element of life giving motion is incorporated, and this creates the magic.

The result is a photograph with extra depth but without crossing over to actual video.

Contact me to commission a specific idea or discuss your requirements and take your advertising to the next level!

Beavertown Brewery London - Drinks Cinemagraph

Lifestyle Cinemagraph

Wine Cinemagraph

London Timelapse Cinemagraphs:

Timelapse photography pushes the cinemagraph medium even further.

By capturing London life and the fast pace of the city together with the stillness of a photograph, the result is something really special!

Palace of Westminster London - Timelapse Cinemagraph

Westminster Bridge London - Timelapse Cinemagraph